Everyone has a Pasuk(Verse in the Bible, Scripture, or Psalms etc) in our Torah, which begins and ends with the first and last letter of your name.

These verses are gifts of inspiration and wisdom we can connect with and learn from, about ourselves and our journey through life.

For example: my name Simcha. in hebrew: שמחה. the first and last lettter is ש and ה.
so i would find a verse starting with ש and ending with ה, and that would be my Verse.
in my case the verse "שאו ידיכם קודש וברכו את ה" "Lift up your hands to Holiness, and bless G-D", starts and ends with the same letters as my name.
i can use this verse to strengthen my connection with my esscence and my purpose in this world.

What if there are several verses that start and end with the same letter as my name?:

In my case, there is also another verse i can find that starts and ends with the letters of my name:
"שיר השירים אשר לשלמה". "Sing the songs that are to Shlomo"
i can choose to connect to this Verse of mine, on days that i feel i need strengthening in the idea of singing and spreading song to the world.