Start your day with an inspiring Bible Verse,
Many of these mugs can be personalized with the Name of your choice.

The words in Hebrew are written using the ancient Ashurit Biblical Script, which is the same script that a Biblical Scribe (Like me) uses when writing a Bible Scroll and Scriptures.


The Magic Mug:

The Magic Mug looks like a regular black mug,
But low and behold, after adding a hot liquid, the black slowly fades away, to reveal the inspiring Bible Verse below, and Your Name of choice (For personalized mugs), written in the ancient scribal script.

The Classic Mug:

The Classic Mug is a two toned mug, with white on the outside, and a color of your choice on the inside. (Its not a magic mug)
Some of our designs are available in the Classic Mug model, for those that dont want a magic mug or would like a more colorful mug.


There are three main variations of Mugs in three price tiers.

1) The Hebrew/English Verse Mug: 22$ - (Not Personalized)
    Hebrew English Mugs with inspiring or cute verses/sayings in Hebrew/English
    These mugs are completely pre-designed, with no personalization.
    Choose from a collection of cute hebrew english sayings, or inspiring verses.

2) Inspiring Bible Verse Mug: 28$ - (Personalized with name on one side)
    These mugs feature an inspiring Bible verse on one side,
    And are personalized with Your Name of choice on the other

3) A Verse for Your Name Mug: 38$ - (Fully personalized on both sides)
    Lets design a unique one of a kind mug for you.
    These mugs are personalized just for you.
    Choose any inspiring verse/s you would like,
    And we will design a mug specially for you,
    Personalized with Your name of choice in Hebrew and English,
    And Verses of your choice.

'Am Yisrael Chai' - Magic Mug - Optional Personalization from $22.00

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Viduy Hamashlim Magic Mug
Viduy Hamashlim Magic Mug $18.00

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