Streimel Hasidic Hat Jewish vintage Fox Tail fur

Vintage Jewish Hasidic Streimel hat, made from authentic natural fox tails. Professionally made from an old school streimel maker from Jerusalem many years ago. Designed in the traditional vintage style.
The hat is made with real natural non-colored fox tails. Carefully hand picked and beautifully designed to blend together and give many gorgeous shades of light browns.

CONDITION : Pristine condition. Has been kept in the box and protected very well.
Some light signs of usage on the inside of the hat.

Comes with a hard case hat box.
The box is a bit worn but still does a great job of protecting the strymel and works great

(Exact dimensions of box and strymel written below)

Before my wedding, at the age of 18, I searched far and wide for a streimel maker that still makes streimels in the vintage design, so that I could have a beautiful colorful authentic streimel for my wedding day. Nowadays modern streimels look very different, are traditionally black, and more industrial looking. I wanted a streimel with character, like the old school hassidic shtetl style. I traveled to the old Jewish shtetl ‘Meah Shearim’, and met the streimel maker whom I was told could make me one in that style. He refused saying it is no longer in style. I tried explaining to him how important it was for me to have a natural beautiful colorful strymel like the Hasidic Rebbes of the past and wanted something unique and authentic. Again the strymel maker protested saying nowadays they like to make strymels in one uniform color. Being that I was coming from a colorful world and loved art, I knew I needed a unique blend of colors and insisted on that one of a kind strymel. Finally the shtetl meah shearim maker smiled, and gave in. He went to the back of the store and pulled out a beautiful selection of natural light brown fox tails for me to choose from. He was going to make for me my dream strymel even though he though it was ‘out of style’. I wanted a blend of colors, and not the traditional ‘one color’ streimel. I was so happy to see this beautiful blend of colors, and immediately knew I had found my streimel maker. I’m guessing it’s one of the last strymels made in this style.
When I came back to get it, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe my Mazal (Jewish word for good fortune). I knew many friends at this time looking for this type of inaccessible strymel, and here it was in front of me, in my hands. My heart leapt up in prayer of thanks and joy in my good fortune in finding this treasure for my wedding day.
This item is a unique one of a kind, and very rare and difficult to come by. I have kept it all these years guarded in it’s hard case box, and have rarely worn it, other than on my wedding day and some occasions in the first years of my marriage. I’m selling it because I don’t use it anymore and would love that it get better use by someone who appreciates it.

Box size:
32 cm wide
16 cm tall. (The box is taller than the strymel itself)

Streimel size:
32 cm wide (גימטריה לב ;) numerical value of heart)
Around 8-8.5cm tall

Inner hat size
Around 20 cm long
Around 17.5 cm wide
A string measured wrapped around the inner hat where it rests on the head is around 56-57cm in a full circle when it’s straightened out