Personalized Jewish Marriage Contract Ketuba Decorated Art

Personalized Hand written and Hand painted Jewish wedding Marriage Kesubah.

Hand written and designed personally for your wedding.

Art is hand decorated and themed, especially for you by my wife Avital.
After you complete your purchase, We will be in touch to discuss all of the details for the Marriage Kesubah.
You can share with us your dreams and inspirations, so that Avital can decorate your marriage Kesubah, with art that inspires the two of you.
Your marriage is the beginning of a journey. Lets decorate that journey with custom art that you and your spouse design with us. And let us bring that into reality.

Pricing: A) 800$ for Hand Written Kesubah Marriage Contract on parchment.
B) 800$ + 700$ (1500$) to add hand made Art decoration on your hand written Kesubah.
C) For high quality Prints of my hand written Ketubahs, check out my Ketubah print listing