"Chazak V’ematz" "Be Strong and Corageous" Biblical Verse Art Hand Made

Chazak V’ematz Biblical Verse Art Hand Written on parchment.

Chazak V'Ematz.(Deuteronomy 31:23)
“Be strong and courageous...and I myself will be with you.”
The powerful words that G-d said to Joshua, as he encouraged him in his new role as leader of the Jewish people.

  • Hand written on parchment with a feather quill. 
  • Decorated with Celtic inspired border art.
  • Customized with the names of the people in your family inside of the border.
  • Hand Framed in Israel, with solid wood, in a double pained glass frame, to keep the parchment we’ll protected.
  • Variations: Handwritten Parchment OR Print, Framed or Art-Only.
  • For personalizing you’re family names to be written in the border art, write out the names in the order details. 

    The Story behind the creation of this piece:
    "“Be strong and courageous...and I myself will be with you.”
    These empowering words were thought regularly, and used as a source of encouragement by a late night shift birthing doctor from Montreal, who works on the night shift for Births. His job is to help bring new babies into the world. And often, late at night, he would find himself heading to do births. These words gave him strength, hope, and courage to help bring newborn souls into the world. The art was custom designed by Simcha, together with the doctors  children who gifted it to him. They had the art personalized with their names written inside of the border. 

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