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Tzuf Art and Soul

Our art is an expression of our soul. Our art is created and designed together. Each piece has its own story how it came about. 
Im the scribe, and hand write our Biblical verses, using a Scribal quill, and Partchment.
My wife Chaya Rachel creates the art. Each piece of art has a story and inspiration behind it, and how it came to be.
Together we create unique, one of a kind Judaica art, crafted out of love and caring for this meaningful spiritual form of art.

The scribal jobs i love the most are custom orders.
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We also have Prints and Hand Written re-makes of all of our favorite Biblical Judaica art here:


One of my Favorite Custom art projects:
Chazak V'Ematz.(Deuteronomy 31:23)
“Be strong and courageous...and I myself will be with you.”
The powerful words that G-d said to Joshua, as he encouraged him in his new role as leader of the Jewish people.

The Story:
"“Be strong and courageous...and I myself will be with you.”
These empowering words were thought regularly, and used as a source of encouragement by a doctor from Montreal, who works on the night shift for Births. His job is to help bring new babies into the world. And often, late at night, would find himself heading to do births. These words gave him strength, hope, and courage to help bring newborn souls into the world. It was gifted to him by his children.

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Art for COUPLES:

Custom Marriage Ketubah:
Our custom Marriage Ketubahs are completely custom designed from top to bottom for you and your spouse. From the Ketubah Text, to the Art.


"Simcha and his wife helped us to turn our dream ketuva into a reality. After speaking with us, they completely custom designed and produced a truly personalized item"

-Shlomo Godsi

Custom "Verse for your Names" Couples love poem for couples:
This unique piece of art is created by the names of you and your spouse. For this project, we have the help of Shiri Shir, an inspiring author and lover of the Bible. She interviews you and creates biblically inspired verses from the first letters of your names. Each verse begins with a letter of the Brides name, and ends with a letter from the name of the Groom, and enclosed between the two is a Biblically inspired verse which expresses your life dreams and aspirations.
The custom art themes and colors are inspired by you and your spouses life stories.



There’s a special inspiring Biblical verse for everyone.
Having your name and verse written out on parchment, can be used as a special tool for meditation. Meditate on your name, and your inspiring Biblical Verse, and get in touch with your inner being.


Watch our time-lapse video of Simcha writing an Ana Bkoach in the shape of a Menorah.

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