Name and Biblical Verse Handwritten in HEBREW on Parchment Personalized Judaica Scribal Art

Your Name and your favorite Inspiring Bliblical Verse, Handwritten on Parchment.

Featuring Your Name, Hand Written in Hebrew, together with your favorite inspiring Biblical verse, on Parchment.

"There’s a special inspiring Biblical verse for everyone.
Having your name and verse written out on parchment, can be used as a special tool for meditation. Meditate on your name, and your inspiring Biblical Verse, and get in touch with your inner being, "

The story behind "A Verse for your Name"
 One of the pictures in this listing is what i wrote for myself. My name is Simcha. written in Hebrew: שמחה. I first examined verses which begin and end with same letters as my name. Then i chose from amongst those verses, the verse which called out to me. Which express my lifes passions and things that i connect to. That give me a reason to be me. The verse i chose, is from Psalms 33:3, "Sing to Him a new song; Express your best with your calling out in Music". It is about singing new songs and playing music. Since Music is a passion in life for me. I chose this verse.

  This is a completely personalized listing. Which means that well be in touch
throughout the designing process.
  Write your name, and your interests in life, your aspirations and dreams, and ill help find a Biblical verse for you.
  Well discuss which verses inspire you. And pick the best one for your name. After your order, well be in touch to create this unique, one of a kind item, together

SIZE WITH FRAME: 8x10" (size can be personalized)

ADD ON OPTIONS: You can choose to add on a - Wooden hand made frame. From a local framer in the old city of Safed. - Wooden or Metal frame stand. If you choose a frame stand, please specify which type in your order details. If you dont specify, i will ask you to double check. Have a wonderful day :)

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