Judaica Felt Art for Children Themed per Holiday

Jewish themed Judaica Felt Art for Children.
Custom made by My Wife Avital, who creates beautiful felt art projects for our childrens schools.
These projects are made out of Felt, and hand Embroidered with love.
Each project can be completely custom design by you for your childrens school, room, or Succah, or decoration by the Chanukah Candles.

Avital makes them for our childrens alternative music and arts school they go to, and everyone there loves them.

They make great gifts for childrens rooms. and are designed and thought out by themes for each Holiday.
The colors and design are custom matched to your creative ideas.

Choose one of the above options already designed:
Purim, or Succot.

Or if you would like an art project for one of the Holidays we havent done yet, Choose the personalize option and fill out what verses and themes you would like Avital to incorporate, and we will communicate with you untill we find a design that you like.
Only after you agree to the design, do we begin. You will get update videos and pictures of the art in progress :)