Tzuf Famliy Ensemble HOUSE CONCERT

Tzuf Family Band House Concert 

Join us for a musical journey, 

From ancient Turkey to spiritual Jewish songs, our favorite songs of israel, to songs of the flower children from the 70s.

Meet unique instruments from around the world:

From the Celtic Harp, to the Turkish Saz, KamanChello, Side Flute, and Miriam Frame Drum

Heart opening concert with an interesting life story about actualizing our dreams.

Great activity for families and groups

Simcha the father on Celtic Harp, Rachel the mother on Turkish KamanChello and Saz, Nachman their son on Side Flute, Orah their daugther on a Miriam Frame Drum, Nehorai their son on Recorder Flute, and Daryah their daughter on Harp.

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