'Am Yisrael Chai' - Blue and White Mug - Optional Personalization

"Am Yisrael Chail' - 'The Israely Nation Lives On',  Magic Mug with option for personalization

Inspiring patriotic Blue and White Mug with the famous words "The Israel nation lives on'
Celebrate your support for Israel everytime you drink a coffee (or tea) with our Am Yisrael Chai Mug.

This beautiful mug is made with the patriotic blue and white colors of the Israeli flag,
With the words 'Am Yisrael Chai' (The Jewish People live on) on one side, and with an option to have your Personalized Name on the other.

The Hebrew words are written with our unique Ancient Ashurit Scribal Script, which is the same script used in writing the Bible and Scriptures.

Beautiful blue dove art with olive branch as a Biblical sign of Peace.

Bring joy, celebration, and togetherness to family or a loved one by gifting them this unique one of a kind mug.

There are two variations of this mug:
1) Personalized
     Side A: Am Yisrael Chai in Hebrew, and Transliterated to English(The way it sounds)
     Side B: Your name of choice in Hebrew and English (or only hebrew or english)
2) Non-Personalized - ready mug,
     Side A: Am Yisrael Chai in Hebrew and Transliterated to English(The way it sounds)
     Side B:  'The Jewish Nation Lives On' (The english translation of the hebrew verse)

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