Vhoboteach bHashem Tehillim 32:10

'Vhaboteach bHashem Chesed yisovvenu’ ‘And one who has trust in G-d, kindness will surround them’ (Psalms 32:10)

This inspiring and powerful verse from Psalms is brought to life on parchment, in handwritten biblical script written by Simcha Tzuf, and decorated by his wife Rachel Tzuf.

 The parchment is decorated with a blue water design celtic knot around the border, and beautiful scenery hidden within the knots. Kabbalistically the element of water is connected with the attribute of Chesed (Kindness). The water colored Celtic border design surrounding the verse, is representing Kindness surrounding one who trusts in G-d.

Simcha describes his connection with this verse:              ”To me this verse is an encouraging reminder about trusting in G-d. About doing my best, and remembering not to worry about the results. It reminds me about all the times I was comforted in feeling G-ds hand in my life, and encourages me to think positively about the future, especially at times when I’m worried and nervous. It reminds me that the action of trusting in G-d actually opens my eyes to seeing and realizing His kindness playing out in my life and supporting me each new day”

Hand written on parchment with a feather quill and ink, and hand decorated. This item is handmade and can take up to four weeks to complete from time of order 


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