Mezuzah Scroll handwritten 20cm AriZ”l

Handwritten mezuzah scroll 20cm

I write these mezuzah scrolls by hand letter by letter, with a feather quill and ink, on parchment, in the ancient Ashurit script which is traditionally used in Torah scrolls, Tefilin (flacteries), and mezuzahs.

The style of the letters I use is what’s known as the Arizal script, which was developed from the famous Kabbalist the Ari Z”L.

Each mezuzah is written with love and care, and is meticulously checked to make sure it is Kosher, and comes with a certificate of authentication from a local Israel checking facility.

Bring the spirit of Israel to your house with an Israel written mezuzah scroll. 🏡🪶🌅

* NOTE: notice that this scroll is 20cm in height, which means you will need to make sure the case you get for it has a space of 20cm inside the case for the mezuzah.