Custom Order. Lets create your personalized art together

The Scribal Art projects that i enjoy the most are custom orders.
I love to hear your ideas and dreams, and together to create a unique piece of custom art for you.
I believe the biblical verses have so much to give, and theres always a wonderful message of encouragement to be found in the Bible. 



General guidelines for sizing (notice that each project is different, and these are just general guidelines):

Small: only one verse. Or one name. Or one name and one verse. Minimal artwork, small art frame going around the writing

MEDIUM: Two names, and one verse. Four names and one verse. Medium amount of art. More detailed frame, or actual scenery in the art.

LARGE: Up to four names, and four verses. A lot of art scenery, and border designs.


The way a custom project works:
 - You come up with an inspiring verse that you love. One that gives you courage, inspiration, purpose, joy, love, peace... (We can help you find one too).
 - Together over Email/Zoom we design a layout of those words.
 - I create a digital template of the layout, and send to you for your ok.
 - My Wife, Chayah Rachel designs a sketch of the art with your colors and themes to your liking.
 - I write your verse using a Scribal feather quill, on parchment.
 - Chayah Rachel paints the art.
 - Choose if you want your art framed, or not framed.
 - We send it via mail to your door, and you get a tracking number :)

Attatched are pictures of previous custom art.

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